hostage/privilege, 2011


Post-real life or hostage/privilege
Solo project at Banca di Romagna _ Faenza/IT

· Francesco Pinoni – banker
· Daniele Capra – journalists and independent curator
· Rodrigo Ferreira Duque Estrada – bodyboarder
· Pietro Gaglianò – independent curator
· Don Pier Sandro Spriano – chaplain in the Rebibbia prison
· Alberto Zanchetta – art critic and independent curator
· Sibilla Zandonini – art critic and independent curator
· Nero/Alessandro Neretti – artist

· Post-real works

· 3 paper works present only in the publication

Italian and English

Gli Ori Editore – Pistoia/IT

24 x 17 cm
128 pages

With this delivery, you didn’t receive a cool packaging, but a clever one.
Respectful of nature, against the mass production.
The packaging will be made with materials already present in my studio (cardboard, wood, plastic), without producing new material.
In that way, following my ideal, the abandoned material has the possibility to become useful, involved in a new system.
Works and packaging are sanitized before the shipment.

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