Italy, 1980. Visual artist and critical observer of the contemporary condition, he carries on a personal expressive search to explore with a cynic and cheeky eye processes and dynamics socio-politics and economics focusing on the field of personal and collective fulfillment, of desire, of the body and of the symbol. He extends a constant work of auto-fiction to environmental research the addresses the space of here and now, comprising architectural, cultural and natural values. The processes of self-definition and re-elaboration of the sensitive datum are interwoven in highly symbolic images. Animal and mythological subjects, but also signs and codes, emerge from various techniques (sculpture, photography, ceramics, printing, assemblage, video). The object trouvé enters this process in the form of complex installations, where the hooking onto the existing present occurs in the manner of semantic post-realism. The end objective is the provocation, the resistance, the alternative to historical and cultural collapse.

I have been dealing with contemporary art and research for twenty years, I create site-specific projects for museums, foundations and companies in public and private spaces with a fluid production mode.
My modus operandi is always new because for a long time I’ve been constantly renewing a pact I had made with myself, a past choice that underlies everything: examining, conceiving, sharing, producing, inventing solutions that revolutionize perception and attract the viewer. My interest is always the investigation, the vision, the rereading of the socio-contemporary context in order to expose a shared vision of the historical, economic, architectural, naturalistic and cultural context.

Personal experiences have an indissoluble part into the work and nothing is chosen for work or life separately. The choices of materials are always depending on the idea, some ideas can only be made with certain materials. For me, the medium is never a limit, but it is always a new experience with the material, a short circuit in which I touch the cables with my tongue.
I live like a samurai, as he prepares for death in every moment and he’s ready for it, in the same way, I constantly perceive a sense of instability, decline and ruin in the world and that’s why I am able to grasp and nourish myself with that discomfort, that tension, of which my art lives.
Observing the reality that surrounds me, I perceive and accumulate a series of data that I organize as files – separated and / or associated – in the memory, in this way these files are ready to be analyzed and used, I can make them interact and eventually overlap or overwrite them with others.
My aim is to narrate a fact, to recreate through a series of elements, both physical and conceptual, an event that can be perceived by the observer and that allows him to be intrigued and kidnapped at the same time, that creates a memory, an interaction. Working exclusively in a site-specific manner requires the prerequisite of having a space, a new one every time, and thus creating a dialogue with it. This is my job, proposing or accepting challenges that are capable of pushing us each time in a new direction, aware of the effort and the difficulties, ready to create all the tensions necessary for the disaster.