f i d u c i a / t r u s t
TEMA magazine

men with ermine (series from daegu/south korea), 2012 | image on a sticker installed and photographed in urban setting | variable dimensionst

F I D U X I A / 4 P H A S E S
Nero/Alessandro Neretti

Phase 1
The project, because this doesn’t concern a work, was conceived/followed in time and all aspects as a recurrent act of faith.
The idea was (I conjugate in the past because now, as I write, I still don’t know if this project will become concrete) to make a series of two dimensional images/works to be placed in several locations outside of Italy, delegating the choice of space to another person with the mere suggestion of how to show them without any sort of restrictions.

Phase 2
The production of the images was part of the project; a few weeks ago, going to Bologna for work, at a distance of nearly ten years, I met a friend on the train, Ropno (working now as a graphic artist) and between conversations I asked him for information about printing several images on a special highly resistant adhesive surface and the reproduction of a good number of elements (about 30) to place in diverse locations. During our conversation I was surprised at his willingness: “ . . . if I can I’ll do it for you”, he offered to make them for me. The only tacit clause to the proposal was the inability to set a date for consignment or the effective possibility of having them; I would simply have to wait. I had to wait and consider if I could have faith in him or not (I only had an e-mail address and I wasn’t even sure of its reliability).

Phase 3
A professional photographer friend of mine had to go abroad (Arab Emirates and Korea) for work and he became a part of the “means” required for the development of this project entitled Man with Ermine.
Giamma, that’s his name, was charged with transporting and installing these images/works in various places with the task of photographing them to document the work that had been done. Once I had received the prints from Ropno, the project was at a good point, Phase 2 was over and the faith I had in my fellow man was not betrayed. At this point the rest of the project was out of my hands, it depended on Giamma to place the works and finish everything.

Phase 4
If, in this issue of TEMATM, there is an image, the faith I placed in the photographer will have been betrayed, and if there is a photograph my faith will be amply rewarded. The idea, the project, once initiated, were aided by the unexpected opportunities that providence afforded me during the period of its making. Common individuals lent their art and time to make this project and I dared place faith in them, we shared moments and visions far afield from the place where our gaze began.

Special thanks to Giamma/Gian Maria Soglia for the photos and to Ropno/Riccardo Mercatali for the adhesive surface.