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Chicks’ Motel, 2012 | acrylic spray on henhouse | ambient dimensions

Chicks’ Motel
Stefania Pagliarulo

Building a sign for an old henhouse is lovely if you think about how the users use it, namely for sleeping and occasionally reproducing/producing eggs.
The artist analyses the common meaning of what can defined as a hen or to be more exact a group of chicks in American slang* an then he enhances its value by building the golden sign with stencils and spray. The sign is adorned not with the two stars typical of the most squalid motels, which, balancing its both renowned and sickening socio-living conditions, infringes every reasonable idea of a fair economic relationship between price and offered good. The number of stars bursts into not four, not five but twelve stars, twelve like those of the European Union. Chicks’
Motel is the cheeky emblem of a rickety Europe from the New World’s point of view.

* Source Urban Dictionary