Sagrato della Chiesa di San Lorenzo
[part two]

nero (113)
END, 2009 | recycled wood, recycled typographic platecm 400 x 150 x 15
nero (114)
detail from | END, 2009

Nero/Alessandro Neretti

END as rebirth.
The end of the Christian life is nothing but the personal and definitive communion with God.
The Christian Creed indeed culminates in the declaration of the end of life on earth, in order to rise again in eternal life . . . “the resurrection of the dead is the faith of the Christians, since we believe in it, we prove we are”.

END → Death, liberator of the soul.
END as LIFE, as the end of the physical death.
END → namely the end of life on earth → namely resurrection → namely life.
In the Christian faith the END (end of the world=apocalypse) is nothing but resurrection, that is the rebirth to eternal life.

Jesus says: “I am the resurrection and the life”.
Last words said by Jesus on the cross: “It is finished” → namely the END, word that does not mean a sad goodbye to life, but that means a success for having finished what had been indicated by God.

Etymology of end → the extreme, final part, destination.

END (from an exclusively material and less spiritual point of view) as recovery, reuse, new life. So, revival of those waste materials.