Degli uomini selvaggi
e d’altre forasticherie
LAB 610 XL

quando qualcuno mi studierà ovvero non sono altro che la pelle che indosso, 2009 | wood, recycled furs cut and sewn by hand, rubber feet | cm 123 x 197 x 106

Nero/Alessandro Neretti (free and planning words)

This work is based on the contemporary/museum outline which encloses and maybe crushes the wild being, the freak and all that is primitive: from the bony find with its uneven proportions that astonishes the modern science, to the fossil find, the study of the skull capacity, the prey which is reused to make up for the difficulty in adjusting to adverse climatic conditions . . .
“To sum up, I am nothing but the skin I wear. I have been spotted. I have been criticized. I have been killed and I have been acclaimed. From history to the notice board for mistakes. So, now I am talking about people who have shown off other skins before me and who now are part of the public or private collection of fetishes. The skin thrown on the trestle is nothing but the shadow of itself. It is nothing but the recollection of the shape or of the idea that we have tried to fix in our mind”.
. . . A structure with a strong formal strictness and neat lines would undo the unnecessary and it would clearly highlight the deep meaning of the work.