That’s hole Folks!
Galleria 42

copertina_that's hole folks!_hi
that’s hole folks!, 2009/2010 | ink on recycled paper, shaped passe-partout, ink-jet print on paper, grey tape | cm 30 x 35
homework, 2009/2010 | shaped passepartout, mixed media, wooden frame | each one cm 30 x 35 x 4
industry, 2009/2010 | ink on recycled paper, shaped passepartout, steel nails, grey tape | cm 30 x 35
detail from | accident, 2009/2010 | ink on recycled paper, shaped passepartout, electrical tape | cm 30 x 35
detail from | note, 2009/2010 – ink on recycled paper, shaped passepartout, white tape | cm 30 x 35

Nero/Alessandro Neretti

Homework has kicked off as a wrong architectural idea, presenting itself in an accurate, severe and kinky decadent mood as if to clarify the implications of today’s economy and for that, of contemporary art as well. From this reflection, a set of tidy drawings/sculptures was born. Those drawing are lying under the glass, almost annoying the passepartout that stands as the descriptive platform where the surrounding space is involved and interacts.
The series recalls sharply several topics, ranging from Sept, 11th, to sex as trading currency, the economic politics of terror, the each-day-emptier trolleys, the lack of chances, binding together religion and the new idols that rule the world together with the money. Architectures seeking, though light aluminum barriers, to talk about an intangible yet brutal truth in the very moment you are far away from the hub, under the shadow of a “healthier” core.
The artist is extremely intent in this measured and severe reflection, as if he was doing his job or “homework” that he claims he has always trying to strategically elude. The rhythm in the work is determined by unbroken clashes inside the black frames, different kind of tapes, metal and clay nails anchoring the drawings inside unbalanced and shaped passepartout, celebrating outlines and skeletons of the contemporary.