Loggiato della Basilica Palladiana
[part two]

fuc#, 2009  | acrylic on paper | cm 10 x 15
old jam, 2009 | acrylic on paper | cm 10 x 15
pre‐party, 2009 | acrylic and ink on paper | cm 10 x 15


The house of fear
Alberto Zanchetta

Architecture does not represent me because it is bigger than me. It does not help me because parts of the roof and the plaster fall on me. Architecture does not represent me because I have no home, or let’s say that I have no place where my soul is inhabited by fewer fears”. Starting from a very simple shape – a house with six small windows, but without a door – the artist creates a work that investigates the relationship between man and architecture. This is a series of drawings on paper which recreate hypothetical, but not that improbable, houses, which look into the concept of anthropometry.
Since architecture should be a “fulfillment of itself”, able to comfort us and soothe our anguish, the artist destabilizes the sense of belonging and safety that a house should infuse in each of us. The space usually committed to living is now moved to a cheerful cathedral that badly hides the real entity of its “soul”, or to an abandoned factory – that turns from a place of work into den of illegal parties, or yet to buildings invaded by  material or by the ruins of a private post‐catastrophe. In work nothing is like it seems. Behind a basic and ironic language, there is a painful analysis of everyday life, society and human condition.