Life is a burning tire
Museum Beelden aan Zee
The Hague/NL

exhibition view | Museum Beelden aan Zee, Sea Hall

tales from the northern seas, 2017 | color, sound | 12’12” | 235 x 323 x 174 cm | salvaged wood, salvaged plastic cloth, aluminium and plastic ladder, mixed media, lcd television
CHAPTER ONE: the treasure
ancient sculpture, sand, wind, sea
CHAPTER TWO: the travel
ancient hemp cloth, salvaged aluminium tube, wind, salvaged wood used for longboard
wood signs, sea, sand, waves
music by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621)
Malle Sijmen (variations)
Onse Vader In Hemelrijck (variations)
Mein Junges Leben Hat Ein End
Onse Vader In Hemelrijck (song)
performed by BRISK Recorder Quartet Amsterdam and Camerata Trajectina

fainted laocoonte after party, 2017 | salvaged wood, worn-out car tires, epoxy, paint | 194 x 253 x 522 cm
‘When the party’s over, there’s always a total mess to be cleaned up even though we should realise that the Earth can’t deal with everything.’
Historical note:
The Laocoön Group, a marble group sculpture from
40-20 B.C., is one of the most famous example of its kind from ancient Greek scuplture. Found in 1506 in a Roman vineyard close to Emperor Nero’s Domus Aurea, the Laocoön Group is now on display in the Vatican Musem. In Greek mythology Laocoön was a Trojan priest and seer who attempted to warn the Trojans not to bring the wooden horse into their city walls.

exhibition view | Museum Beelden aan Zee, Sea Hall

actually with no title, 2016 | ancient Chinese ceramic sculptures, aluminium and plastic ladder, salvaged wood |234 x 198,5 x 64 cm
‘The reminiscences of a distant move return, as in a play on equilibrium which involves objects being rested temporarily and then forgotten, forever in the balance.’

detail from | actually with no title, 2016