_DSC5548PPW/people watching projec, 2012
_DSC5541PPW/people watching projec, 2012
_DSC5543PPW/people watching projec, 2012

PPW/people watching project
Brenda Lynn Chambers

The series of works entitled People watching was conceived in London in 2009. At first the artist opted for piercing free newspapers, most of them found on trains or tube stations, but then he chose international newspapers he took away from bars and pubs.
These works were conceived as a reflection on the media and news that are manipulated and reported to us by someone who spies on our behalf what is happening around the world. However, he reports fake and inaccurate or even incomplete news for who knows which common good/evil’s sake.
The artist has pierced the newspaper in order to make two holes, which could be used by a spy for shadowing the movements of the spied on, by a voyeur who dreams up about some unfortunate or just for controlling the goal to achieve. People watching was conceived as a work of visual art but on this occasion it opens to its user to do a real act by coming in contact with performance/participatory art. For the first time the user is able to interact with a work that, even if at first was not designed for real sharing, in its evolution, assumed the form of an active project/tool with a view to new projections.