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sindrome da distacco temporale, 2010 | objet trouvè, sandpaper | variable sizes
sindrome da distacco temporale, 2010 | objet trouvè, sandpaper | variable sizes

Sindrome da distacco corporale
Giacomo Lafava

Nero has developed and now proposes a reading on the theme of beheading that is extremely simple, accurate and biting.
By means of a manual elaboration, he has managed to develop the concept according to which after the beheading, there is not only the death of a body as an individual, but also the birth of two new elements which are the result of the partition produced by the blade.
So, we have a physical analysis in the most scientific sense of the word, in which Romantic or classical theories are clearly in the background while a sort of spatial relativism prevails.
This new element is wholly free from the previous one and because it detaches from the main one, it creates an independence from both the space and the probable developments of it. In this way it rouses a perception of an endless continuity.