CASABELLA laboratorio

smoke late dirty business (a prequel), 2018 | iron, cardboard, earthenware bricks, fir wood, pine wood, concrete blocks, Pierre de France by Serenissima, Mat by Cir, Abitare la Terra by Cerasarda | 293 x 271 x 172 cm

black river on Antarctic landscape (almost fake), 2018 | fir wood, Renoire by Cercom | 187 x 635 x 266 cm

Nero skateboarding during the setting of the project PLANET EARTH

exhibition view: PLANET EARTH, 2018

exhibition view: PLANET EARTH, 2018

people watching community, 2018 | fir wood, glazed earthenware | 296 x 273 x 47 cm

detail from: people watching community, 2018

detail from: people watching community, 2018

still from: PED/PLANET EARTH DISASTER [#1], 2018 | 22’25”, color, sound by Andrea Nonni


A series of images, taken in the last ten years around the world, are presented as a visual background made up of inputs and experiences that the artist presents for the first time to the public.

An amphitheater that houses a single five-meter long marble veining. As if we were to observe from above a huge black river flowing among the glaciers; deceived for a moment to be the protagonists of this representation, we realize to be a microscopic temporal and physical fraction of the planet earth’s evolution.

Accumulated building materials; the same substances that our cities are made of, in this case, arranged horizontally, a rhythmic stratification that in this case builds two skeletons, two memories of the recent collective past.

Human race.
All enclosed within a shared network of communication. Omni-connected populations in a subtle game of voyeurism where the need to appear for the satisfaction of one’s ego surpasses the real danger of not knowing by whom one is really observed.