Italy, 1980. Visual artist, surfer, critical observer of the contemporary condition, he carries on a personal expressive search to explore with a cynic and cheeky eye processes and dynamics socio-politics and economics focusing on the field of personal and collective fulfillment, of desire, of the body and of the symbol. He extends a constant work of auto-fiction to environmental research the addresses the space of here and now, comprising architectural, cultural and natural values. The processes of self-definition and re-elaboration of the sensitive datum are interwoven in highly symbolic images. Animal and mythological subjects, but also signs and codes, emerge from various techniques (sculpture, photography, ceramics, printing, assemblage, video). The object trouvé enters this process in the form of complex installations, where the hooking onto the existing present occurs in the manner of semantic post-realism. The end objective is the provocation, the resistance, the alternative to historical and cultural collapse.